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What Would 007 Think of This? Shaken Not Stirred!


A martini is just a martini. Unless it’s made with the delectable Jamaican fruit, soursop. And then it’s heaven on earth.

Find out for yourself at The Cliff, a five-month-old resort in Negril, Jamaica where bartender Ryan “RayRay” Hammond will whip you up the fruity libation faster than you can say, “Make mine a double.”

The tropical martini is, of course, best enjoyed under an umbrella-shaded chaise on the resort’s slice of ironshore coast, which offers a front-row seat for Negril’s daily sunset spectacle. However, RayRay was generous enough to share his special recipe, under one condition: That you make a plan to swing by The Cliff and taste his version for yourself.

No problem, RayRay. As they say in Jamaica: “Soon come.”

The Cliff’s Soursop Martini


1 shot vodka

2 ounces soursop juice

squeeze of fresh lime


Put all ingredients in a shaker with crushed ice, and shake vigorously. Pour into a chilled martini glass, and enjoy.

If you want to experience Ray Ray’s special Soursop Martini, call Your Personal Travel Organiser and I will be happy to organise this wonderful trip for you!