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Sir Ben Ainslie Tops the Podium in Oman

yachtOman is the oldest independent state in the Arab world and doesn’t immediately spring to mind when one mentions sailing.  However, Sir Ben Ainslie led his team to victory during the recent Americas Cup World Series.

Land Rover BAR took a nail-biting victory in the first America’s World Cup series of 2016, while defender, Oracle Team USA took second reports Bob Fisher from Yachts and Yachting.

It was ‘Super Sunday’ in Oman, a working day for the masses, and a critical day for the six crews in the America’s Cup World Series with three double points counting races in prospect. It was a particularly hard day for the British team – they were the ‘go for’ boat for the rest after their winning ways on Saturday. Sir Ben Ainslie had said that the start was all-important, but this somehow escaped his planning – Land Rover BAR played catch-up in all three races, sometime from last position. It was nail biting for the British supporters. Just where the team was able to make the gains was due entirely to the teamwork on board on a day when the choice of whether, and when, to use the Code Zero as an upwind sail was critical.

Ben was refreshingly honest about the two starts he made and broke the line. “We were going for the leeward end, which if you get it right, pays dividends. It is also risky because you can get rolled by a boat to windward if you are even a fraction late. Yes, it is high risk; we knew that.” Apparently there was also a shortage of transits to judge the exact position of the boat. “We’ll get better,” promised Ben…and they did!   It was a great day for the triumphant British team.

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